Saturday, June 7, 2014

Additional features of Sony RX100M3 digital camera

Touch connection with Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication)

The NFC technology is based upon radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology which can transfer small amounts of data between two devices that are touching each other or are being held  very close, approximately just a few inches. Basically they are establishing radio communication through a short-range and low power wireless link. This makes communication and transfer of data incredibly easy - nothing to set up and adjust to specific devices. This may be exactly how our future will look like: all device communication will be done through just a simple touch of devices, very fast and very easy. This may include all kinds of transactions, payments during shopping and all kinds of data transfers that are required. What a future!
Currently the NFC for Sony RX100M3 is enabled with compatible Android smartphones and tablets. Also the Smart Remote Control feature is enabled where a shutter release can be controlled by a smartphone.
Besides the NFC technology a Wi-Fi connectivity with smartphone is available.

Clean HDMI output for uncompressed video recordings 

The HDMI output for uncompressed video means that you can transfer the movie signal to an external monitor/recorder device connected via HDMI terminal and all this an be done in real time. As things normally function when this feature 'HDMI Info. Display' is set to ON, the camera's back screen blacks out and you would be seeing on the external device what you would normally see on the LCD display. But something that is counterintuitive is that when the functionality 'HDMI Info. Display' is set to OFF - the recording is displayed on the back of the camera while the uncompressed recording is output through the HDMI terminal. When turned off the view on the external device gets cleaner. Frame rates include 24p, 60p and 60i.
Please note: HDMI cable is sold separately.

Manually controlable front lens ring 

The front lens ring helps a lot when manually adjusting settings and it does on a very easy, effortless way. A very useful characteristic is that the lens moves clock free and in a quiet way, to allow you undisturbed movie shooting. What it basically does is let you manually do various camera settings on various values and this includes all kinds of controls like zooming or apertures. Another cool thing is that it includes a new step-zoom function which allows you to instantly choose commonly used focal lengths.

Cool PlayMemories Camera Apps

For those who want to customize their new Sony digital camera a lot of interesting camera apps can be downloaded and installed and all of them make this camera even more desirable and very fun to use.

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