Friday, June 6, 2014

Built-in ND Filter, Zebra Pattern And Focus Peaking

The new Sony cyber shot RX100M iii camera has additionally three great features explained below in separate sections:

Built-in 3 EV steps ND (Neutral Density) filter


What does a neutral density filter do?

First of all it can reduce the amount of light going to the image sensor so the exposure time can be increased, without affecting the color of the image. This is the effect that we see professional photographers achieve on their photos with blurry clouds and misty waterfalls. Basically ND filters just slow down the amount of time needed for the  sensor to capture the image. This allows motion to be emphasized. Also ND filters enable larger apertures, which can give a shallower depth of field or a sharper photo. Overall they are very useful filters, often forgotten and overlooked although they can give great photo effects and are also one of the easiest filters to use.
Sony cyber shot RX100M iii camera has a 3 EV steps or 3 stop exposure reduction ND filter built-in for easy and fast usage.

This video explains ND filters very good:

Zebra pattern


Zebra patterns in a camera basically warn for overexposed areas and help achieve much better lightening on a photo. The way they function is that when some area gets overexposed zebra pattern or zebra stripes are drawn over that area and thus given you to knowledge that the camera position needs more adjustment. And it is good to know that zebra lines appear only in the viewfinder and not on the camera output or recording. The new Sony RX100M3 camera gives different zebra settings (75% or 100%). This means that the threshold at which stripes show can be adjusted in 5% increments from 70 to 100, and additional 100+ options which show only completely overexposed areas.

An ultra short look at zebra stripes:

Focus peaking

This is also e very useful feature. What it means is that when manually focusing the camera itself highlights objects which are in focus so you can completely achieve the desired focus on images. It simply helps you determine the perfect focus for an image.

Lovely 3 features for producing the best possible photos with this new RX100M3 compact digital camera.

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