Thursday, June 5, 2014

Built-in viewfinder with ZEISS T* coating

This is my favorite part of the new Sony rx100m3 digital camera: the built in viewfinder!

Quick explanation of a viewfinder

The viewfinder is an optical view device that helps you see what the camera is seeing when you can't see with the LCD in bright sun. Some of these look through the lens and others don't.

Many of the new cameras come with only an LCD display. Would suggest that you find one that has an optical view finder because the LCD is almost impossible to see in bright sun. 

Source: yahoo answers

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In order to get a full understanding of this perfect little tool embedded in this camera just take a look at this video. It's short and a true eye opener:

Now, after checking the BIG, bulky viewfinder in this video, look again at the beautiful, mini pop- out viewfinder on the new Sony camera and you will truly understand how big of an improvement this is. Normally this little block tool is hidden inside of the camera - making it a true pocket camera, but there is a little button to pop it out and you can see it below (the FINDER button):

You can get a better understanding of the electronic viewfinder by watching around 1:28 on the below video:

Basically now you can carry the viewfinder always, without an extra load and bulk to the camera gear. It will make definitely make outdoor shooting in bright light conditions easier on you. It will faithfully display what will appear in your recording so you can adjust everything to get a perfect result. To be equivalent to the T coated lens,  the EVF (electronic viewfinder) has Zeiss T* coating which enhances clarity and reduces flare and reflection in the eyepiece optics.