Monday, June 2, 2014

New Release June 2014: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M3 Digital Camera!


Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera
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Sony has announced their latest camera product: an improved version of the RX100 series and it will be very, very soon at everybody's reach! Although it will be quite a queue to get it. For all those people who love photography and camera this is such exciting news and I can imagine just how much they want to put their hands on this new *toy*. Since this is not possible just yet, here you will find sort of a virtual putting hand on this Sony cyber-shot dsc-rx100 iii digital camera.

How did this start?

Just casually surfing online and looking at various interesting things I came across the new Sony RX100M III camera and it caught my eye instantly. So I decided to explore more about this little technology miracle and here you will find the results of my investigation. I believe that all the important features and specifications have been gathered here and I hope they will seem to you just as exciting as they seem to me. It's not like everyday a new camera type is being released - although that would be pretty cool :).

So, they say one picture is worth a thousand words and in an analogy a video should be worth a thousand pictures. As I know by myself, when researching stuff lately I always check if there is a video available to watch. Nothing can replace a quick video presentation, as for most things you will get immediate understanding - at least for the design and the outer look if searching for a particular product. And that is the most fastest way to do it - we all tend to miss more time for things. So, here is the best descriptive video I have found for Sony dsc-rx100m3, and from this video you can get a really good look at this awesome digital camera:

Sony DSC-RX100M3 Review

For this review I have listed all the major important characteristics which are new or differ from previous DSC-RX100M I or DSC-RX100M II digital cameras. Each specification is explained in more details separately and if you want to see it just click on the line.


The comparison table for Sony dsc rx100m3 Specs

I personally love comparison tables for products, they give a really valuable insight of the product cons and pros without me putting too much effort in finding them. So, here is the inevitable comparison table for Sony Cyber-Shot dsc-rx100m3:

And to save the best for last - there is always the question of price. You certainly wonder how much will this technical gadget cost, is it going to be a little fortune or not? Well, you can see for yourself but I am convinced that every penny will be worth it - if you have the sufficient amount of course :)

Sony RX100M 3

Overall this is a stunning digital camera, small enough to fit in the pocket and amazingly good in capturing realistic, very detailed and eye-like images as much as possible. And let me emphasize how small this camera is: definitely smaller than an iPhone. Truly an irresistible professional pocket  digital camera.