Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sony RX100M3 BIONZ X processor

The processor that is used in this Sony digital camera is the BIONZ X processor which is ultra fast and adds to speed and accuracy of HD videos. You can see very clearly in this transparent picture the way that the images are being processed on their way in, first passing through the image sensor, then passing to the processor.

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What this processor is particularly good at is faithfully reproducing textures and details in real time, just as they are seen by the naked eye. These are the most important characteristics of this processor:
  • Great detail reproduction. Images appear amazingly realistic and this technology allows more natural sense of dimension.
  • Diffraction is greatly reduced. What the diffraction does is cause light points to appear blurred which is particularly true for small aperture settings or large F numbers. This diffraction reducing technology allows clarity of points of light in such cases and allows fine details to be faithfully captured. This in turn allows you to capture landscapes with deep focus and a much greater image clarity.
  • Area noise is also very much reduced. It internally processes specific areas and applies the most appropriate area noise reduction which results in exceptionally clear images and etremely fine details.

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